“How I Lost My Virginity”

Girls ramble on and on to me about the first time they had sex, not that I really care. See video below. Twerk song in the intro: Randel X- Bareback (Download)


Her Weird Fetish


Before Doing Porn in London (Are others tested?)

We all know that HIV/AIDS is a serious disease that no one wants to contract. If you would like to get into the pron scene of course HIV testing is something anyone would consider. However, are your co stars really tested? My Experience: So I got accepted by many porn agencies in London. The first

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The Size Girls Consider a Big Penis (Raw/Uncut)


Girls Say What Size They Consider a Big Dick (AMAD)

I asked a few girls What size would they consider a big dick and this is some of their responses. This is the clean version so all nude scenes were cut off. The uncensored version will be published separately.

dad issues thumb

Daddy Issues (I Love Rough Porn)

This is the clean (censored) version


In The Bathroom (Russian Version)


Cam Model Anthem (Tranny Video)

  “Tip” by Randel X featuring cam girl Charlotte (Charlotte1996). All girls in this video are transsexuals except for 2 of them. Up to you to figure out.


Booty Bounce


Ready to Party feat. Yellow Claw & Beenie Man

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