How To Get Blocked on Facebook

This is Ashley Mullin. Facebook photos clearly shows that she has a boyfriend but I decided to hit her up anyway. I mean <- Who wouldn’t want to “hit that”? Oh boy. Did I just turn her on and made her leave her boyfriend for a random guy on the internet?… SYKE maybe not


Tommy – Racist Tranny from New Jersey

Meet Tommy Tran. A racist transsexual from New Jersey who thinks it’s okay to cyber bully black people and have anal sex.


Yup, Randel X is back!

Been away for a while, so has Been around the world and back but RandelX is back as well. Now we’re coming out more extreme. Epic content to be published daily! From vlogs, online trolling, mountain biking and more!


Meet Amira Elgazar – She angles photos

This is Amira Elgazar Her Facebook’s profile says that anyone can speak to her and she will offer good advice. So I decided to message her while having an issue with my neighbor. He kept on shouting “What that fucking noise is, so I kept on telling him “hush, it’s just fucking noises” which was

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